Aga khan Palace Pune Yerawada

Aga khan Palace Pune Nagar Road Yerawada
The Aga Khan Palace was constructed by Sultan Mohamad Shah, Aga Khan III, in the year 1982. The Aga Khan Palace is in Pune, Yerawada located on the Nagar Road (Please See the Map and The Aga Khan Palace Video and Slide Show below). The Palace was donated to the Government of India by Aga Khan IV (Karim El Husseni) in the year 1969. The Aga Khan Palace is open from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. The admission fee is Rs. 5 for Indian Citizens and Rs. 100 for others. Entry is free for visitors below 15 years of age. The Palace is closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi and his non violence movement hence it is also known as Gandhi National Memorial.
The Aga Khan Palace has preserved the belongings of
Mahatma Gandhi and it serves as the venue of exhibitions, depicting the life of Bapu and the Indian struggle for freedom from the British rule. Gandhiji’s belongings like his utensils, cloths, mala, chappals (slippers) have been exhibited here. A letter written by Gandhiji on the death of his secretory has also been preserved in the Aga Khan Palace. It was one of the locations for the filming of “Gandhi” made by Sir Richard Attenborough. Mahatma Gandhi, who was kept at this Palace under house arrest in the 1940s. His wife, Kasturba Gandhi, and his long-time aide, Mahadev Desai, both died while under house arrest in this Palace, and their samadhis (memorials) were built here by Charles Correa.
Directions and Location Map for Aga Khan Palace Pune
Located in Yerawada, Nagar Road about 4 to 5 KM from Pune Station and 3 to 4 KM from the Lohagaon Airport.
Mariplex 1.00 KM (Kalyani Nagar). Ishanya Mall 1.5 KM (Yerawada). Restaurants: The Great Punjab 3 K.M. (Koregaon Park), (Koregaon Park). Exotica 1.00 KM (Yerawada Near IBM Global Services).

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Displays at the Aga Khan Palace

  • Picture Gallery Gandhiji’s Room
  • Mahadev Bhai Desai’s Samadhi
  • Kasturbaji’s Samadhi

Services Offered

  • Khadi and Gramodyog Sales Counter
  • Printing Press
  • Library
  • Children’s Nursery
  • Premises on hire for holding Camps and Seminars

Courses Run for Women by the National Institure for Women

  • Rural Social Works Training
  • Tailoring
  • House Helpers Training
  • Khadi Karyakarta Training Course for Women

Aga Khan Palace Slide Show

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