Architecture as Career: Nari Gandhi

Nari Gandhi was one of the worlds greatest architects of recent times. This “Vishvakarma” as his clients still call him was mainly famous for his individual houses that he has done in and around Mumbai. He was a fellow of taliesin and had also done his course in pottery. This fantasy loving person had tremendous visualization power that he never made any drawing on paper but still he executed some extra-ordinary structures beyond imagination. He had worked for the American architect Warren Webber.
Nariman Dossabhai Gandhi’s ideologies and works were in sharp contrast to the mainstream architectural thinking. His works display a distinctive organic character. They appear to have evolved as a response to the context, remaining strongly rooted to the site and being very well connected to the surroundings. Nari’s works display highly skilled craftsmanship and structural ingenuity. He has stacked earthen pots to construct arches out of them and built stairs out of brick arches. Throughout his works you see extraordinary use of stone, brick, wood, glass and leather.

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