Axis Bank ATM Koregaon Park

Axis Bank ATM Koregaon Park
Located on North Main road Koregaon park just opposite Lane 3. Access to automated teller machines, (ATMs) has become free from April 1 2009 (no extra fees for using ATMs of other banks), (source Times Of India) any ATM can be used for withdrawing money even if you have ATM cards belonging to other banks. While using ATMs certain care should be taken. Look for suspicious attachments. Criminals often capture information through ATM skimming – using devices that steal magnetic strip information. At a glance, the skimmer looks just like a regular ATM slot, but it‘s an attachment that captures ATM card numbers. To spot one, the attachment slightly protrudes from the machine and may not be parallel with the inherent grooves. Sometimes, the equipment will even cut off the printed labels on the ATM. The skimmer will not obtain PIN numbers, however. To get that, fraudsters place hidden cameras facing the ATM screen. Source: Banknet
Important: Pune Mirror Rs 7 lakh swipe: Con card alert!
Also go through the following Times of India Articles Article 1, Article 2.
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Location Map and directions to Axis Bank ATM Koregaon Park Pune

Hotel PremS   
28/2 Koregaon Park
Pune – 411001
Axis Bank ATM Locator
Quiz Time
1. When using an enclosed ATM that requires your card to open the door you should
a) Allow strangers follow you inside
b) Avoid letting strangers follow you inside
c) Be courteous and keep the door open for others
d) None of the above
2. While using the ATM you should
a) Shield the screen and keyboard so anyone waiting to use the ATM cannot see you enter your PIN or transaction amount
b) Shield only the screen so that no one can see the amount
c) Shield only the keyboard so that no one can see the pin
d) Not be bothered as no one would really be interested in what you are entering

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