Bharat Petroleum Koregaon Park

Bharat Petroleum Petrol Pump Koregaon Park
Bharat Petroleum is located in Koregaon Park at the beginning of North Main Road. We should thank nature for this wonderful gift of Petroleum. Geologists have learned a lot about petroleum, but we still don’t know in complete detail how it forms. Clearly it is derived from the remains of living things, just as coal is. But before dead organic matter becomes petroleum or coal it exists as a material called kerogen. With time in the ground, kerogen matures into an assortment of hydrocarbon molecules of all sizes and weights. The lightest (smallest) hydrocarbon molecules waft away as natural gas, and the heavier (larger) ones make up an oily liquid. Source:
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Location Map and Directions to Bharat Petroleum Petrol Pump Koregaon Park
Intersection of North Main Road and Bund Garden Road

Quiz Time
1. You burn 20% more fuel when AC is in use
a) True
b) False
Driving your car at 45 KMPH saves petrol up to 15% against driving at 65 KMPH
a) True
b) False

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