Budhani Wafers Koregaon Park

Budhani Wafers Koregaon Park
Located on Lane 7, Koregaon Park. Residents of Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi, Yerawada, Boat Club Road, Mundhwa who are love Budhani wafers need to go all the way to M.G. Road. Budhani Wafers have open an outlet in Koregaon Park.
As a world food, potatoes are second in human consumption only to rice. And as thin, salted, crisp chips, they are America’s favorite snack food. Potato chips originated in New England as one man’s variation on the French-fried potato, and their production was the result not of a sudden stroke of culinary invention but of a fit of pique. In the summer of 1853, Native American George Crum was employed as a chef at an elegant resort in Saratoga Springs, New York. On Moon Lake Lodge’s restaurant menu were French-fried potatoes, prepared by Crum in the standard, thick-cut French style that was popularized in 1700s France and enjoyed by Thomas Jefferson as ambassador to that country. Ever since Jefferson brought the recipe to America and served French fries to guests at Monticello, the dish was popular and serious dinner fare. Source: Idea Finder
Location MAP and Direction to Budhani Wafers Koregaon Park

Lane No. 7
Koregaon Park
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Fun Fact: William E. Lee III has a patent in chip technology (Potato chips). Lee, has worked for several years as a food sensory researcher. As per Lee You can make some inferences about personalities as per how the food is chewed. Some people attack their food; others perform a secretive nibble. The quiet nibblers tend to be female; attacking food without savoring it seems to be a macho man thing.”

Potato Quiz
1. The word Batata is originally from the language
a) Marathi
b) Spanish
c) Portuguese
d) Tamil
2. The year 2008 was declared the International Year of the Potato by the United Nations as
a) To focus worlds attention on the role that the potato can play in providing food security and eradicating poverty
b) Potato production was surplus during that year
c) Potato was discovered in 1008
d) The UN loves Potato

Source: Wikipedia, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

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