Butterflies of India and Pune Common Jezebel or Indian Jezebel

The Common Jezebel (Delias eucharis) is a butterfly and is found in South Asia, South east Asia,  India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand. These butterflies are found all over India. It is also called as Indian Jezebel. Its a beautiful butterfly with bright yellow and bright orange color on the hind wings . The orange color is in the shape similar to a pentagon (5 corners) and is on the borders of the hind wings. These butterflies usually fly high and come down only to feed on the nectar. The bright color indicates that it is unpalatable. The larvae (caterpillars) accumulate toxins from the host plant, this protects the larvae (caterpillars) and the adult butterfly from potential predator. The bright colors of the butterflies sends a message to the birds (predators) that “Keep away we are toxic and distasteful”. The Jezebel breeds all year round. The eggs are in batches of 10 or 20 (sometimes more) and on the underside of the leaf. The host plants are usually Bridelia retusa ( Spinous Kino Tree) in Hindi kaji, Khaja, kassi, Dendrophthoe falcate (Suckle Mistletoe) In Hindi Banda, Scurrula parasitica.
The Common Jezebel,  Indian Jezebel

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