Buying a Laptop in Pune

Buying a Laptop in Pune
Before buying a laptop do your homework first. Do a search on Google and other search engines, search for websites that give reviews. Make sure that the price quoted by a particular showroom/store is the right price. Many a times a particular showroom would offer free stuff with the Laptop, most of the times you would be paying for the free stuff as they would be recovering the price of the so called free stuff in the price of the laptop. Recently we ordered for a dell laptop from the company’s website, this we did by going to the Dell Kiosk in Croma Wanworie., they assured us that the Laptop would be couriered to us in max 10 working days after we make the payment. We were told that by ordering from the kiosk the Excise duty and octroi would be waved off. Usually you get a laptop for a good price by ordering from the kiosk. The downside is the delivery does not take place in time promised. 10 working days are already over and the customer care tells us that there is a shortage of parts and are really not sure how much more time it will take for the delivery.
Some of the sites that will help you make the right decision are given below. A word of caution, for price comparison do the work yourself do not blindly follow what is given in the reviews or the price comparison website.






Local Dealers.

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