Canon SX50 HS Part-Names

Canon SX50 HS Part-Names Top View
The figure shows Canon Powershot SX50 HS top view. We will explore each part of the Camera that has been labeled in the figure. 
Zoom Lever: This is used to zoom in on the desired subject. The optical zoom of Canon SX50 HS is 50X that is equivalent to 1200 mm of a 35mm. The digital zoom goes up to 200X. Please note that the range if the optical zoom is 24mm to 1200mm (35mm equivalent).
Mode Dial: Used to change the mode of the camera for example Auto, Program, Shutter Speed, Manual etc.
Camera ON/OFF Switch: Used to switch on and switch of the Camera.
Flash: Can be pulled out to put it ON.
Flash Button: Used when the flash is pulled out. This switch is used to switch the Flash to Auto or ON or Slow Synchro modes.
Hot Shoe: Is used to attach an external Flash.

Canon SX50 HS parts

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