Citibank ATM Kalyani Nagar Pune

Citibank ATM Kalyani Nagar Pune
The first mechanical cash dispenser was developed and built by Luther George Simjian and installed in 1939 in New York City by the City Bank of New York, but removed after 6 months due to the lack of customer acceptance.
ATM Safety Tip
Avoid using street ATMs during night time hours. Always be aware of suspicious persons or vehicles in the area of the ATM. Trust your gut feeling. If things don’t feel right, avoid that ATM. Location Map and directions to Citibank ATM Kalyani Nagar Pune From Nagar road take the road towards Kalyani Nagar Citibank ATM is about 50 meters from Nagar Road towards Kalyani Nagar on the right. Nearby shops: Shops at the junction of Nagar Road and West Ave Kalyani Nagar are as follows Play wood Shakti Ply, Cake Shop: Copper chocs, Gurunanak Sweets, Airtel, Reliance, Medical shop, Health craft, Lucky Star haircut Saloon, Bora Classes,  Axis Bank ATM, Motilal Security, Photo Studio, Florist. Credit check Card Drop box in Kalayni Nagar is Near Gurunak Mobile and Guruank Sweets. Nagarwala School is about 100 meters from here, further ahead is Cybage and HSBC development center Kalyani Nagar. Shree Laxmi Co-operative Bank,HDFC ATM is across Nagar Raod towards Hermes Heritage (100 meters).
Safety Tips
The number of ATM frauds in India is more in regard to negligence of the Personal Identification Number (PIN), than by sophisticated crimes like skimming. Banknetindia
Though we have not heard of any ATM Skimming incidence in India, it is always good to be on alert. Please watch the following video. Also go through the following Times of India Articles Article 1, Article 2.

Citibank ATM
Kalyani Nagar Pune
Amrut Park Co-op. Hos. Soc. Ltd.,
T. P. Scheme Area,
Kalyani Nagar Pune 411006

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