Compare Sony-HX200v with Canon-SX50HS

Compare Sony-HX200v with Canon-SX50HS
If you compare Sony HX200V with Canon SX50HS in terms of Optical/Digital Zoom, Autofocus Speed, Burst Mode capacity, recording for slow motion playback then definitely Canon SX50HS comes out as the winner. In fact canon SX50HS also has a RAW format for storing images and a hot shoe for flash that Sony HX200V does not support. In terms of Ease of operation Sony HX200V is better that Canon SX50HS. Also if you do a lot of bird / wild life photography then Canon is better as it allows you to switch off the display preview which surprisingly Sony HX200V does not allow.  Both the cameras are good for Macro, Zoom and outdoor photography.
Note that the image sensor of both the cameras is of the same size and quality hence the Image quality of SonyHX200V and Canon SX50HS is more or less the same.  
The comparison has to be made in terms of the features that the 2 cameras offer.

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