Detect fake indian currency

How To Detect Fake Indian Currency
Fake Notes in India and Fake Currency Notes Guide India
Fake currency notes are closer to you than you think. Check your purse, for here are some tips on detecting fake currency.
The series prefix and distinctive numbers are smaller
Alignment of series prefix and distinctive numbers is not in line when carefully examined
Thick lettering has been used for printing the issuing authority’s name i.e., ‘Reserve Bank of India’ and guarantee and promise clauses Continuity of security thread is not maintained
Alignment of the register on the left hand side of the watermark is not proper Watermark at the left hand side bears a thicker effigy of Mahatma Gandhi and the eyes and spectacles in the effigy are thicker in size Intaglio printing is absent
The optical fiber marks are present when exposed to UV lamp but these are very few as compared to genuine notes Security thread does not glow under UV lamp10. The paper used  seems to have been made of wood pulp
Source: PuneMirror

Check your awareness on fake currency Take the quiz given below

Important Website: RBI

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Why are fake notes coming out of bank ATMs?

Take the following quiz. Fake Currency Quiz

Quiz Time
1. If RBI’s estimate is to be believed, fake currency makes up about
a) 28% of the national measure
b) 36% of the national measure
c) 10% of the national measure
d) 18% of the national measure
2. Fake notes were used by terrorists in 26/11. IISc, B’lore attackers also used fake rupees worth
a) 5 Lakh
b) 30 Lakh
c) 2 Crore
d) 45 Lakh
3. Compared to 12 cases in 2007, in the year 2008, there have been
a) 25 such cases in Pune A 100 % rise
b) 6 such cases in Pune Fall by 50%
c) 36 such cases in Pune A 200% rise
d) Remained the same
4. It is estimated that fake notes circulating in the Indian market are worth Rs.
a) 1,69,000 Crores
b) 2000 Crores
c) 5000 Crores
d) 38,000 Crores

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