Donut King Koregaon Park

Donut King Koregaon Park
Doughnut — an edible, ring-shaped piece of dough which is deep-fried and sweetened. The Donut King chain was founded in 1981 in Sydney, and is currently managed, under license, by the Southport-based Retail Food Group Limited. A theory as to the origin of the bulls eye in the doughnut holds that a sea captain named Hanson Gregory, while manning his post one stormy night, found it impossible both to steer his vessel and to eat his fried cake. Out of sheer frustration, and probably out of hunger, he impaled his cake over one of the spokes of the ship’s wheel, thereby creating a finger hold with which to grip the cake. Quite pleased with his ingenuity, Mr. Gregory ordered the galley’s cook to fry the cakes in that manner henceforth.
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Take the Quiz given below.
Location Map and Directions to Donut King Koregaon Park

Donut King,
Lane 7, Koregaon Park
Quiz Time
1. Why does the donut have a hole?
a) To make it easier to retrieve out of oil
b) Cheaper to make
c) To hold the donut properly
d) To allow donuts to cook properly
2. Which country consumes the most donuts
a) USA
b) Australia
c) Canada
d) China

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