Dorabjees Moledina Road Camp Pune

Dorabjees Moledina Road Camp Pune
Probably the oldest departmental store in Pune. Dorabjees has maintained its standard over the years and is getting better. If you are living in Camp then this is the best choice for your weekly shopping.
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Departmental Store in Camp Pune Dorabjees

Dorabjee and Co Pvt. Ltd
1-B Moledina Road
Pune 411001
Phone: 26052882/83/84

Location Map and directions to Dorabjees Moledina Road Camp Pune
Landmark: Pyramid Mall, SGS Magnum Kakade mall, LandMark Book Store, Pune Coffee house.
News: Times Of India
Facts on Plastic Bags
Only 5.2 percent of the plastic bags and sacks in the municipal waste stream were recycled in 2005. Source Earth911
Dont waste Plastic Bags
Say not to Plastic Bags Panda
Are Plastic Grocery Bags Sacking the Environment? National Geographic
9 ways to use less plastic bags
Alternative uses of plastic bags Green Daily

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