Fantail feeding baby Fantails

The nest, a small cup of grass stems neatly bound together in spider silk, takes around 10 days to construct. Many species incorporate a trailing tail into the base of the nest; this possibly breaks up the shape of the nest, although little other effort is made to conceal the nest.  To compensate for the high visibility of the nest fantails will aggressively defend their chicks from potential predators.Female fantails will also distract a potential
predator by appearing to be injured and luring the predator away from the nest. While the female is pretending to be injured the male may continue to attack the predator. In spite of this fantails have a generally low nesting success.
There are two general techniques used by the family in order to obtain prey. The first is known as “static searching”, where the fantail will remain at a perch and watch for aerial prey which it will then sally towards and snatch from the air before returning to the perch in order to consume and resume searching. The second method used is known as “progressive searching”, where the fantail moves through vegetation searching for insect prey which it gleans.

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