Grey Hornbills Pune

Grey Hornbills Pune
They are about 24 inches long. The upper parts are greyish brown and there is a slight trace of a pale super-cilium. The ear coverts are darker. The flight feathers of the wing are dark brown and whitish tipped. The tail has a white tip and a dark sub-terminal band. They have a red iris and the eyelids have eyelashes. The casque is short and pointed. The male has a larger casque on a dark bill while the culmen and lower mandible are yellowish. The bare skin around the eye is dark in the male while it is sometimes pale reddish in females. The female has a more yellowish bill with black on the basal half and on the casque.
Indian Grey Hornbills usually nest in tree hollows on tall trees. An existing hollow may be excavated further to suit. Did you know? The female enters the nest hollow and seals the nest hole and leaves only a small vertical slit that the male uses to feed her. The nest entrance is sealed by the female using its excreta and mud-pellets supplied by the male. While inside the nest, the female moults her flight feathers and incubates the eggs. The regrowth of the feathers in the female coincides with the maturity of the chicks at which point the nest is broken open. Ref Wikipedia
In Marathi the Indian Gry Hornbill is called as Dhanesh, Rakhi Shingachocha, Maspeel धनेश, राखी शिंगचोचा, मसपील (आदिवासी भाग)
In Hindi the Indian Grey Hornbill is called as Dhanchidi, Chalotra, Selgilli, Dhanesh धनचिड़ी, चलोत्रा, सेलगिल्ली, धनेश

Indian Grey Hornbill

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