HP Petrol Pump Koregaon Park

HP Petrol Pump Koregaon Park
This petrol pump is located at the intersection of Bund Garden Road and North Main Road. Some useful tips and discussion regarding the petrol pumps in Pune. Well ever wondered who created all this petrol and will it last for ever? Please take the quiz given below and don’t forget to watch the video. Geologists view crude oil and natural gas as the product of compression and heating of ancient organic materials (i.e. kerogen) over geological time. The generally-accepted origin of crude oil is from plant life up to 3 billion years ago, but predominantly from 100 to 600 million years ago. “Dead vegetarian dino dinner” is more correct than “dead dinos”. Source: Wikipedia and Stason.

Fact: The Sun is the ultimate source of energy and it gives rise to other energy sources.

Important Website: Know more about petrolium consevation
Peak Oil: Wikipedia ,Energy Bulletin, Life after Oil Crash, Peak Oil.net
Location Map and Directions to HP Petrol Pump Koregaon Park
Located at the intersection of Bund Garden road and North Main Road.

Quiz Time
1. India spends maximum of its foreign earnings on importing
a) Crude Oil
b) Electronic Products
c) pharma products
d) Arms and ammunation
2. How much petrol/diesel does Delhi burn per annum at traffic red lights
a) Worth Rs. 994 Crores
b) Worth Rs. 54 Crores
c) Worth 72 Crore
d) Worth 2856 Crores

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