Huge Dragon Flies Wing Span 2 And A Half Feet Lived On Earth

Did you know? Huge Dragon Flies wing span 2 and a half feet lived on earth.
About 300 million years ago the atmosphere of the planet earth was quite different. This was the late Paleozoic era. The Paleozoic was a time of dramatic geological, climatic, and evolutionary change. Fish, arthropods, amphibians and reptiles all evolved during the Paleozoic era. And by the late Paleozoic, the land was dominated by various forms of organisms. During this time giant Dragon Flies inhabited earth. Scientists believe that the huge size of the dragon flies was due to the difference in the oxygen levels (high-oxygen concentrations) that existed during that time. The wingspan of the dragon flies in this period was more than 2 and a half feet. Today scientists are trying to simulate those atmospheric conditions in the laboratory to understand and study their effect on the development and growth of insects.

Today’s Dragon Fly

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