Intelligence Of Crows

Intelligence Of Crows
Crows are considered to be amongst the most intelligent birds. You may not be aware of the fact that research has proved, that crows have the ability to visually recognize  individual humans. Crows have also been known to imitate the human voice, just like parrots. Many a times crows move in groups and they exhibit remarkable intelligence in groups. Certain species of crows have topped the avian IQ scale. Some crows like the wild hooded crows of Israel have learned to use bread crumbs for bait–fishing. One species, the New Caledonian Crow, has also been intensively studied recently because of its ability to manufacture and use its own tools in the day-to-day search for food. These tools include ‘knives’ cut from stiff leaves and stiff stalks of grass. Another skill involves dropping tough nuts into a trafficked street and waiting for a car to crush them open. ref wikipedia
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Crow in Kavdi near Pune

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