Joggers Park Koregaon Park

Joggers Park Koregaon Park
The joggers park is right in the heart of Koregaon Park. Located in between Lane 5 and 6. If you are a jogging enthusiast and are looking for a place to run when you’re in koregaon park pune, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are several great places you can head to, Joggers Park is one of them. There is no entry fee. Parks and Gardens help to keep the city green and the environment pollution free. “One who plants a garden plants happiness.” This proverb, of Chinese origin I believe, can now become a reality of sorts without the need for land or even a green thumb. A new application called iPhorest lets you be an electronic gardener. Not only might the gardening bring happiness to you, The Conservation Fund also benefits. For each virtual tree planted, the fund will plant a native tree in real life–starting with the restoration of vulnerable wildlife habitats along the Gulf Coast in the United States. Source: CNET and Labnol thanks Amit

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Fun Fact: It has now been discovered that plants if attached by predators, can send an SOS message to the environment. For example tomato’s frequently get attacked by beet armyworm, a greenish 1-inch-long caterpillar that feeds on tomato leaves and fruit. When attacked by the caterpillar tomato plant sends out an SOS message in the form of chemicals. Wasps which is a natural enemy of these caterpillars can easily smell those compounds through their antennae and and come to the rescue of the plant by finding and eating these caterpillars. Science News

Location Map and Directions to Joggers Park Koregaon Park

Lane No 5 and 6
Environmental QUIZ
1. A 2005 report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that the earth’s total forest area continues to decrease by
a) 1 Million hectares per year
b) 13 million hectares per year
c) 200 Million hectares per year
d) 5 Million hectares per year
2. A ton of paper made from recycled paper saves
a) 1 Tree
b) 17 Trees
c) 5 Trees
d) 25 Trees

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