Khushi Pets Shop Kalyani Nagar

Khushi Pets Shop Fortaleza Kalyani Nagar Pune
A good shops for pets located in fortaleza Kalyani Nagar.
Did you know? that Some foods which are edible for humans, and even other species of animals, can pose hazards for dogs because of their different metabolism. Some may cause only mild digestive upsets, whereas, others can cause severe illness, and even death. Please check the following link for common food items should not be fed (intentionally or unintentionally) to dogs.
Pets Education
Pets commonly provide their owners or guardians physical and emotional benefits. Walking a dog can supply both the human and pet with exercise, fresh air, and social interaction. Pets can give companionship to elderly adults who do not have adequate social interaction with other people. There is a medically approved class of therapy animals, mostly dogs or cats, that are brought to visit confined humans. Pet therapy utilizes trained animals and handlers to achieve specific physical, social, cognitive, and emotional goals with patients.

Fun Fact: Research done recently has shown that dogs are descended of the gray wolf. Humans have been successful in selective breeding of dogs and that has resulted in artificial evolution. Thanks to artificial evolution which has given rise to the vast diversity of dogs. Evolution of the Dog

Pets Shop in Kalyani Nagar Khushi Pets

Shop No 112 Victoria Commercial Cmplex,
Opp Gold Adlabs Fortaleza,
Kalyani Nagar,
Pune – 411014
Phone: 020 32923738

Location Map and Directions to Pets Shop in Kalyani Nagar. Land Mark Fortaleza, Kalyani Veg. Other Shops in Fortaleza One Mobile, Vodaphone, Cake Shop, Soft baby, Mayur Super Market, Lawrence and Mayo, Medplus, Religare Medical, Pushkar Sweets, Karachi Sweets, Hotspot Mobile, Samsung Mobile, FotoFast, Varun Kitchen Ware, U.S. Pizza.

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