Learn Science Art Online with Video

Learn Science Art and Human Perception with Video and Digital Library.
Exploratorium is a website that has a whole lot of information, that could be of interest to you. There are videos, photos, educator resources, activites webcasts. Here you can find a section on almost everything ranging from journeys into Ancient Observatories to Astronomy. There is a section on after school activities for school students, even elders would find this interesting there are step by step instruction for each experiment. The sections on Particle Physics gives an introduction on CERN (Official Website). Also the section on Stem Cells is very informative. 

Birth of the universe and its future.

Renowned Indian Astrophysicist from Pune Dr. Jayant Narlikar is the founder director of the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) at Pune, India. IUCAA is located in the University of Pune Google Map, Panoramio

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