Malaka Spice Koregaon Park

Malaka Spice Koregaon Park
Malaka Spice is one of the ‘most inspired’ Southeast Asian restaurant located on North Main Road in Lane No.5. For the last many years Malaka Spice is serving thousands of souls with appetite for an excellent dining experience. Malaka Spice believes that a good meal is complete only when it satisfies the senses of taste, aroma, texture and color …and that’s what they serve with their specially chosen collection of wines, beers and spirits. At Malaka Spice you can choose from our elaborate menu covering delicious fare from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Indonesia.
It is worth mentioning that Malacca is a state of Malaysia and there is a popular legend about how the name “Malacca” for the state originated way back in 14th century. Do not forget to Take the quiz given below
Location map and directions to Malaka Spice Koregaon Park
Southeast Asian restaurant Koregaon Park
Driving directions to Malaka Spice

Lane No. 5,
opp. Oxford Properties,
Koregaon Park,
Pune 411001

 Take the following quiz
Quiz Time
1. Malacca was a major port along the spice-route. It is located in
a) Singapore
b) Malaysia
c) China
d) Thailand
2. A word that originated from Malay and commonly used in English is
a) Ketchup
b) Chopsticks
c) Ajiaco
d) Soup

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