Monkeys seen in Mahabaleshwar Bonnet Macaque

Bonnet Macaque monkeys are one of the monkeys seen in Mahabaleshwar India. A recent study carried out in India suggests that there is drastic decline in the population of bonnet macaque (Macaca radiata) monkeys. It was observed that the monkey was found in less than 40% of the locations where it was previously reported, in earlier studies.  To know the actual conservation status more of such studies need to be carried out. Link 1

Given below are the names of the  bonnet macaque (Macaca radiata) monkey in local languages of India.
In Hindi language – its known as bandar, in Kannada language (Place Karnataka)-its known as manga, kothi, kapi, maungya, kemp manga , in Kodava language  (Place-Kodagu also known as Coorg in southwestern Karnataka) its known as mucha, kapi, korda , In Konkani language (Konkan) its known as mānkad,     In Malayalam language (Kerala) its known as  kurangan, markadan, In Marathi language (Maharashtra) its known as mākad ,lal manga, wānar, kerda In Tamil Language (Tamil Nadu) it is known as sengurangu, vella kurangu, In Telugu Language (Andhra Pradesh) its known as Kothi, In Toda language ( Nilgiri Hills of southern India) it is known as Kodan.
bonnet macaque (Macaca radiata) monkeys

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