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Morachi Chincholi Pune
If you are looking for a cool place to watch peacocks then Morachi Chincholi is the right place. Its about 55 KM from Pune station on the AhmedNagar Highway. For directions to Morachi Chincholi please refer to the live map given below. The drive to Morachi Chincholi is good. There are about 2500 peacocks in the village. The best time to watch peacocks is 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM. There are quite a few tamarind trees in the village and hence the name Morachi Chincholi. Even if you take a walk in the village its almost certain that you will see peacocks in the fields, trees and sometimes crossing the roads.
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Morachi Chincholi Village Life

Directions and Map for Morachi Chincholi

Directions to Morachi Chincholi from Pune Nagar Road
Take the Nagar Highway refer to the map given above.
Route 1: Via Malthan Phata (Toll Way return toll Rs. 47.50)

  • Drive about 30-35 KM till you reach Shikrapur (4 Lane Road)

  • Cross the river Velu (10 K.M. from Toll Plaza) and look for Malthan Phata

  • Drive about 8 KM look for Ganegaon

  • Take A left at Ganegaon

  • Drive about 9 K to reach Morachi Chincholi

Route 2: Via Pabal Phata (Toll Way return toll Rs. 47.50)

  • Drive about 30-35 KM till you reach Shikrapur (4 Lane Road)

  • Cross the river Velu (10 K.M. from Toll Plaza) and look for Pabal Phata

  • Drive about 12 KM look for Kanhoore Village

  • Cross Kanhoore village keep driving for 2 to 3 KM

  • Take a right at Morachi Chincholi Bus Stop

There is no ghat that you need to cross from Pune to Morachi Chincholi and the road is good with many Petrol pumps on the highway. In case you run out of cash there is an ICICI ATM in Malthan (About 7 KM from Morachi Chincholi) and an HP petrol pump in Malthan.

If you are planning an overnight stay in Morachi Chincholi please visit the following websites for more information.

Jai Malhar Krushi Paryatan Kendra – A god place to stay in Morachi Chincholi they charge Rs. 600 per person.

Mauli Krushi Paryeten Kendra

Mauli Krushi Paryetan Kendra

Some facts about Peacocks

  • The term “Peacock” is commonly used to refer to birds of both sexes. Technically, only males are peacocks. Females are peahens, and together, they are called peafowl.

  • A male peafowl is one of the largest flying birds when the combined length of its train and its large wingspan are considered.

  • Peacocks eat plant parts, flower petals, seed heads, insects and other arthropods, reptiles and amphibians.

  • Every portion of a peacock’s train changes color when it is struck by different angles of light.

  • The train of a peacock makes up more than 60 percent of his total length.

  • The chick of a peacock can walk, eat and drink on its own, even when it is hardly a day old.

  • A family of peacocks is called a bevy, while a group of peacocks is known as a party.

Distance to neaby tourist attractions from Morachi Chincholi

Morachi Chincholi to Ranjan Gaon Ganapati (AshtaVinayak) 18  KM
Morachi Chincholi to Ranjan Khalge (Nighoj Via Malthan) 20 KM
Morachi Chincholi to Pabal PadmaMani Jain Mandir 12 KM
Morachi Chincholi to Vadu Bu (Dharma Veer Sambhaji Samadhi) 35 KM

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