Nikon Coolpix-P510 Vs SonyHX200v

Nikon Coolpix P510 Vs SonyHX200v
If you compare Nikon Coolpix P510 with Sony HX200V, you will find that both the cameras are at par with each other. Nikon P510 was released in Feb 2012 and SonyHX200v was also released in Feb 2012. Both the cameras are capable of doing outdoor Photography, and are good for birding, wildlife, sports photography and macro photography. Hence comparing them does make sense.

Advantages of Nikon P510 Over Sony HX200V
Optical Zoom
Nikon P510 42X Sony HX200V 30X
Continuous Shooting
Nikon P510 has more modes than Sony HX200V
Price Nikon INR 23,950
Sony INR Rs 24,990

Advantages of Sony HX200V over Nikon P510
Sony HX200V has more picture effects than Nikon P510
Ease of Use
Sony HX200V is more user friendly than Nikon P510
The size of the image sensor is the most important while comparing 2 digital cameras. Both SonyHX200v and Nikon P510 have the same size of Image sensor. While comparing the resolution don’t just compare the Mega Pixel, you need to compare the Image Sensor Size.
Nikon Coolpix-P510 Vs SonyHX200v

 Note while deciding to buy a camera you need to make sure if you need the following in your camera.

  • Good Zoom for Wildlife / Bird Photography/ Adventure sports (Parasailing/ Shooting the Sun at a high zoom
  • Good Macro for Shooting Flower closeups, Insects, Documents
  • Good Image sensor
  • Frames per second

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