Online Swine Flu Guide

Online Swine Flu Guide
The best guide and the most comprehensive information on Swine Flu on the Internet. the guide links to the latest available information and preventive measures. Please read the disclaimer. It also has tips on building resistance against diseases and making your immune system stronger. The guide can be used while you are Off-line as well as while you are on-line. For best results it is recommended to use it while you are on-line.  Don’t get stressed by the fear of getting swine flu. Stress can undermine your immune system. The flu doesn’t kill everyone and in most cases may prove benign. Good rest, Moderate Exercise, Meditation, Yoga, Pranayam and Healthy Nutritious Diet can help keep your immune system in good condition and able to ward of any infections. Not every ‘infection’ becomes a full blown ‘disease’. Most infections are taken care of by your body even before you know that you were infected. Most infections affect gravely those people who are vitally deranged. So instead of panicking about the flu, stay calm and focus on becoming a healthy ‘you’. This is a good time to recommit to your own healthy lifestyle, ensuring that you are getting enough rest, eating healthy life-supporting foods, and engaging in practices that reduce the harmful effects of stress on the immune system.
Swine Flu Guide

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