Operation Achanak Pune Traffic

Operation Achanak Pune Traffic  SPTM
To enforce discipline among commuters, city traffic police have taken up a drive called Operation Achanak. The exercise entails concealed policing at traffic signals in Kothrud. The modus operandi adopted by the police is to stay hidden from sight at the signals and leap out only when they spot a traffic offender to nab him or her.
The move stems from the belief held by the traffic police that commuters tend to follow rules only when the cops are around and flout them when they feel that the law enforcers are not watching.
“We want to change this habit. Commuters should always follow rules and not because the police is around,” said DCP (Traffic) Manoj Patil. “We will continue with this measure for a few more days to see its impact. If it proves to be a success, we could implement it across the city,” Patil said.
The campaign that started on Wednesday is being carried on with the help of volunteers of Save Pune Traffic Movement (SPTM) and has already trapping over 100 commuters for stopping ahead of the stop line at red signals.
Courtesy Indian Express Eye on traffic discipline, cops to take offenders by surprise

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