Paratha King House of Parathas Pune

Paratha King House of Parathas Pune
Paratha King serves about 100 different types of Parathas. If you are a Paratha lover, then Paratha King is the place to go. They have a speciality for each day of the week. Here you can get almost any Paratha that you can think of. There speciality includes Seven Grains Paratha, Alu, Beatroot, Carrot Paratha, Hara Bhara Paratha, Bengali Paratha, Paneer Tikka Paratha, Cheese with Garlic Paratha, Chilli Milli Paratha, Chinese Paratha, Schezwan Paratha, Pahadi Paratha, Cocktail Paratha, Plain Mushroom Paratha, Plain Cheese Paratha, Plain Babycorn Paratha, Plain Paneer Paratha, Koki Paratha, Chocolate Paratha, Shakkar Paratha.  Paratha King is Located on Dhole Patil Road just opposite Madhuban Restaurant. Each Paratha is served with Dal, Curd and Chole. The quality of Parathas is very good. Paratha King – House of Parathas is an ideal choice for people living in Boat club, Near Bund Garden,  Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Yerawada and Nagar Road.

Did you know? Batata is the word for potato in some languages, e.g. Portuguese, Marathi, some Arabic variants and others. The English word “potato” itself is derived from the spanish Taíno batata.

Driving Directions and Map to Paratha King Dhole Patil Road Pune

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