Plants and Flowers of India and Pune Jacquemontia violacea Skyblue Clustervine

Jacquemontia violacea is commonly called as Skyblue Clustervine. It is native to tropical America. The plant belongs to  Convolvulaceae (Morning glory family). It grows well in Sun, during harsh summer in hotter climates keep in semi shade during afternoons. The flowers attract butterflies, bees and even sun birds. This plant was named in honor of Victor Jacquemont, a French Naturalist. The stems are delicate, dead stems should be removed to encourage growth.  Jacquemontia violacea is a perennial and needs moderate watering. The soil should be well drained. It can be propagated by stem cuttings or by layering.
Jacquemontia violacea is commonly called as Skyblue ClustervineSummary
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, In hotter climates Temp above 35 degrees Celsius 90degrees  Fahrenheit Keep in semi shade
Max Height: 12 feet
Drought-tolerant: No, but do not over water, wait till soil gets dry then water the plant.
Propagation Methods: Stem cuttings, Layering
Bloom Color:  Sky Blue
Foliage: Ever Green
Duration: Perennial (Life more than 3 years)
Flowering Season: All through the year specially after monsoons and during winter (In India)
Invasive potential: Not Invasive
Pests and Diseases: Whiteflies and Spider Mites Treatment Insecticidal soap, neem oil, or botanical insecticides.
Plant Character: Creepers
USDA Hardiness Zone: 9b to 11 Plant Hardiness Zone
Uses: Ground Cover, Covering Trellises
Maintenance:  Low

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