Plants and Flowers of India and Pune Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is native to Madagascar and is a succulent plant. It is also known as flaming Katy, Christmas kalanchoe, florist kalanchoe and Madagascar widow’s-thrill. It blooms in the following colors:  shades of bright orange, pink, yellow, red, and white. In the year 1927 the original Kalanchoe was brought from Africa to Paris. A seed merchant Robert Blossfeld from Germany turned Kalanchoe into a house plant and then it was introduced in the market. Blossfeld’s name was attached to the plant and hence the name Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.  The original name Kalanchoe came from Chinese Kalanchauhuy.  The genus was first described by the botanist Michel Adanson in 1763. Kalanchoes are easy to propagate, and have low water requirements. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana need a lot of light to grow, with enough light the leaves develop a beautiful reddish outline. Once the the day starts getting shorter  the plant starts blooming. Kalanchoe can be damaged by over watering, hence it is better to allow the soil to dry slightly between watering. These plants are the food plant of the caterpillars of Red Pierrot butterfly.
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Sun Exposure: Morning Sun for about 4 hours. Afternoon Shade.
Max Height: 36 inches.
Drought-tolerant: Yes, Do not over water, let the soil dry slightly between watering.
Propagation Methods: 3-4″ stem cuttings, Seeds
Bloom Color :  Bright orange, pink, yellow, red, and white
Foliage: Ever Green
Duration: Perennial
Flowering Season: Kalanchoes are photo periodic, ie. bloom in response to the length of day. Bloom in early Spring, Summer and Winter in warmer climates
Invasive potential: Not Invasive
Pests and Diseases: Powdery Mildew, Phytophthora, and Pythium.
Temperature: They prefer warmer climate, temp should not fall below 55ºF (12.7 °C) Convert: Celsius Fahrenheit Fahrenheit to Celsius Temperature Conversions
USDA Hardiness Zone: 9b to 12
Soil pH: Between 5.0 and 6.5.
Maintenance:  Low, Prune and shape Kalanchoe after flowering this facilitates branching and flowering
Medicinal: Yes

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