Quiz Technology: Microprocessors 1

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1. Which Intel microprocessor Designed in 1971 the size of a little fingernail, delivered the same computing power as the first electronic computer built in 1946, which filled an entire room.

a) 4004

b) 8085

c) 8008

d) 8086

2. Today Intel’s microprocessors have circuit features of 45 or 32 nanometers. By comparison, an average human hair is

a) 100 nanometers wide.

b) 1000 nanometers wide.

c) 10000 nanometers wide.

d) 100,000 nanometers wide.

3. The first microprocessor held 2,300 transistors. In 2010, an Intel Core processor holds

a) 560 million transistors.

b) 100,000 transistors.

c) 50,000 transistors.

d) 1 million transistors.

4. In 1965, Intel Co-Founder Gordon E. Moore predicted the number of transistors manufacturers could fit onto a silicon chip would double every (Moore’s Law.)

a) 18 months.

b) 2 months.

c) 10 months.

d) 12 months.


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