Sony DSC HX200V vs Canon SX50HS

Sony DSC HX200V vs Canon SX50HS
A comparison of Sony DSC HX200V and a Canon SX50 HS is given in the following post. Both the cameras are good and have some plus points over each other. But if you really want a camera worth the money that you spend, then Canon SX50 HS is the clear winner. In fact Canon SX50 HS is the best camera available in the market in the point and shoot range (at the time of this writing Nov. 2012). For example Canon SX50 HS  has a better zoom 50x Optical as compared to Sony DSC HX200V which has a 30X optical zoom. Canon SX50 HS supports a RAW image format Sony DSC HX200V does not support RAW image format. Canon SX50 HS has a hot shoe Sony DSC HX200V  does not have a hot shoe. 

Sony DSC HX200V vs Canon SX50HS

Sony DSC HX200V has a major draw back if you compare the speed at which you want to take pictures. For example if you wish to take pictures in a rapid succession (Birds, Wildlife, Moving objects) then you cannot disable the picture preview in Sony DSC HX200V. Due to this there is a major lag between two consecutive pictures. In Sony DSC HX200V you can use the burst mode, but then then again once the burst of 10 images is over there is a considerable lag till you can click the next Picture.
Again Canon SX50 HS does have a major advantage when it comes to continuous clicking (as opposed to burst mode). Canon SX50 HS has a mode in which you can click pictures continuously (Program Mode) till the time the shutter is pressed Canon SX50 HS aslo supports a burst mode. Sony DSC HX200V supports only the burst mode in which you can take a maximum of 10 images while the shutter is pressed. In Sony DSC HX200V there is no continuous shooting mode (ie. more than 10 images) at one go.
Sony DSC HX200V has some advantages, like shooting in macro is easier in Sony DSC HX200V as compared to Canon HX50 HS. Sony supports GPS, Canon HX50 HS does not have GPS support. Sony DSC HX200V  has Creative shooting with special effects, (Water Color, Painting Mode, Illustration Mode, Toy Camera Mode) where as Canon HX50 HS has limited creativity modes. Lastly Sony DSC HX200V is more user friendly than Canon HX50 HS. 
A quick Comparison of Sony DSC HX200V with Canon SX50 HS

Sony DSC HX200V Water Color Mode
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