Sony Rx100 Vs Sony HX200V

Sony Rx100 Vs Sony HX200V
Comparison of Sony Rx100 to Sony HX200v is a bit unfair. Sony RX100 is the best pocket camera available in the market as of today (Nov 2012). But it would be unfair to declare sony RX100 as the winner while comparing it to Sony HX200V. Basically it depends on what you are looking for. If I have to choose between these 2 cameras I would prefer to buy Sony HX200V. The reason is simple. Sony HX200V has a much greater zoom 50X optical as opposed to 3.6x optical of Sony Rx100, Sony HX200V has 3D shooting, GPS, a better Wide Angle and it costs less than a Sony Rx100.
But if you are looking for a pocket camera, then probably Sony RX100 is a better choice. Sony RX100 ” The best pocket camera ever made.” — The New York Times.  Year – 2012
Sony RX100 has the largest image sensor amongst pocket cameras available in the market as of Nov 2012. A large image sensor size is the key to producing good image quality. Rx100 has 20.2 MP resolution as opposed to 18.2 MP of Sony HX200v. It also has Sony’s WhiteMagic technology which Sony HX200V does not have. It has a RAW image format which is not available in Sony HX200V. It has 13 Picture effects as opposed to 9 picture effects available in Sony HX200V. Sony Rx100 screen resolution better than Sony HX200V 1,228,800 (Number Of Dots) as compared to 921600 (Number of dots).
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