Torenia Bluewings or Wishbone Flowers

Torenia flowers also called as Wishbone flowers or Clown Flowers or Bluewings can be easily grown in warm climates. Temperatures above 10 degrees celsius (above 50 degrees fahrenheit) are suitable for these plants. In Pune (market), India  seeds of Torenia are not easliy available. But if you buy the plant from a plant nursery you can easily collect the seeds once the plant flowers. The seeds need sunlight to germinate hence you just need to place them on the soil. Seeds take about 10 days to germinate. Torenia plants thrive in sunlight and also need a moist soil. Torenia plants are usually available from June to December in plant nursery. Some of the nurseries on Pune Solapur road where you can buy Torenia are Rose Nursery Pune Solapur road, Sunjay Nursery Pune Solapur Road.


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