Treatment For Liver Cirrhosis

Treatment For Liver Cirrhosis
I found an excellent video for taking care of patients suffering from Liver Cirrhosis. This video explains the possible causes, and various complications that can occur due to Liver Cirrhosis. The video also explains how to take care of the patients suffering from Liver Cirrhosis and treat the complications if necessary. This video is by Dr. Vinay Thorat. Dr Vinay Thorat a Pune-based gastroenterologist was awarded a PhD in gastroenterology by the University of Pune (UoP) and apparently, it is the first PhD awarded in this field in India. And it’s well-deserved too. Gastroenterologist Dr Vinay Thorat has made what is being seen as a major breakthrough in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.

Dr Vinay Thorat Bhandarkar Road, 
Beside Hotel Oakwood, Samadand Apartment, 
Goodluck Chowk Bhandarkar Road Pune, 
411004 Phone 020 2566 2035

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