Understanding Fiber and Nutrition in Okra or Bhindi

Okra (Scientific name Abelmoschus esculentus) is also known as lady’s finger, Bhindi, Bhendi, Bamia and Gumbo. The plant is cultivated in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions around the world. Okra can be grown in your home garden.  It is from the same family as hollyhock, rose of Sharon and hibiscus. Please read the Disclaimer. Okra has been called “a perfect villager’s vegetable”. Okra is a good source of  mucilage fiber, gums and pectins. Okra or Bhindi pods are full of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, enzymes and large amount of mucilage which contains soluble dietary fibers like pectin, guar gum, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). Okra has become increasingly popular in the cosmetics industry.  Source NCBI: See link. Okra or Bhindi has a good amount of dietary fiber, and distinct seed protein balance of both lysine and tryptophan amino acids. 100 grams of okra has about 1.9g of good protein. According to one study The essential and nonessential amino acids in okra are comparable to those in soybeans. Source NCBI: See link
There are many health benefits of Okra or Bhindi and slowly it is gaining popularity as a super food.
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Okra, lady's finger, Bhindi, Bhendi,
Per 100gm of Okra or Bhindi
Proteins: 19.g (Proteins- Essential Amino acids: isoleucine, leucine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, lysine, valine, Conditionally Non-Essential arginine, serine, glycine, Non-Essential alanine, cysteine, tyrosine, glutamic acid
Crude Fiber:1.2g
Calcium: 66mg
Iron: .35mg
Carotene: 52 micro grams
Folic Acid: Free 25.3
Total: 105.1 micro grams
Vitamin C: 13 mg
Magnesium: 53 mg
Manganese: .15 mg
Sodium: 6.9 mg
Potassium: 103 mg
Copper: .11 mg
Zinc: .42 mg
Chromium: .005 mg
Sulfur: 30 mg
Chlorine: 41 mg

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