White Throated Kingfisher

White Throated Kingfisher
This is a large kingfisher, 28 cm in length. The adult has a bright blue back, wings and tail. Its head, shoulders, flanks and lower belly are chestnut, and the throat and breast are white. The large bill and legs are bright red. Watchout you may spot one in your locality: During the breeding season they call loudly in the mornings from prominent perches including the tops of buildings in urban areas or on wires. The White-throated Kingfisher begins breeding at the onset of the Monsoons. Males perch on prominent high posts in their territory and call in the early morning. The nest is a tunnel 50 cms long in an earth bank. This species mainly hunts large crustaceans, insects, earthworms, rodents, snakes, fish and frogs. Predation of small birds such as the Oriental White-eye, sparrows and munias have been reported. Local names of Kingfisher are as followa. In Hindi: Kilkila, Kourilla, Himachal Pradesh: Neela machhrala; Punjabi: Wadda machhera, Bengali: Sandabuk machhranga, Assamese: Masroka,  Cachar: Dao natu gophu, Gujarati: Kalkaliyo, Safedchati kalkaliyo, Marathi: Khandya,  Tamil: Vichuli, Telugu: Lakmuka, Buchegadu, Malayalam: Ponman. Wikipedia
White Throated Kingfisher is called as Khandya or Dheevar  खंड्या, धीवर in Marathi In Hindi the White Throated kingfisher is called as Kilkila or Shwetkanth Kaudila किलकिला, श्वेतकण्ठ कौड़िल्ला
White Throated Kingfisher Photo taken in P L Deshpande Garden Pune

Kingfisher Pune
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