Why Mosquitoes Prefer Some People Over Others

Why Do Mosquitoes Prefer Some People Over Others
Mosquitoes prefer some people over others. The reason? The preferred victim’s sweat simply smells better than others. Female mosquitoes hunt their blood host by detecting organic substances such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and 1-octen-3-ol produced from the host and through optical recognition. They prefer some over other because of the proportions of the carbon dioxide, octenol and other compounds that make up body odor differs from person to person. The powerful semiochemical that triggers the mosquito’s keen sense of smell is nonanal. A large part of the mosquito’s sense of smell, or olfactory system, is devoted to sniffing out blood sources. Of 72 types of odor receptor on its antennae, at least 27 are tuned to detect chemicals found in perspiration. In Aedes Mosquitoes the search for a host takes place in two phases. First, the mosquito exhibits a nonspecific searching behavior until the perception of host stimulants then it follows a targeted approach. Prior to and during blood feeding, they inject saliva into the bodies of their source(s) of blood. This saliva serves as an anticoagulant: without it, the female mosquito’s proboscis would quickly become clogged with blood clots. ref wikipedia

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