World’s Fastest Camera

World’s Fastest Camera
If you thought that the technology that enabled photographing a fired bullet was a great achievement, then hold your breath. Now scientists at MIT’s Media Lab have created a new imaging system that can capture waves of light. Yes this camera can photograph photons traveling through space. Well the speed of a bullet ranges from 180 to 1500 meters per second while the speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second. This new technology is a major breakthrough and can can be used in medical imaging, Industries Science Labs and even in consumer phot This imaging system has been termed as the worlds slowest fastest camera by Professor Ramesh Raskar who is leading the team. This imaging system is capable of delivering one trillion frames per second. The speed of light is such that it takes only a nano second for light to scatter through a bottle but, it takes about an hour to collect all the data necessary for the final video.

MIT Media Labs Andreas Velten and Professor Ramesh Raskar

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